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I just got a call this morning from a student in search of gentle, therapeutic, healing yoga, because she was “getting beat up” at another style of yoga teaching a hot, active practice. Your yoga practice should not be beating you up. Teachers should not be yelling at you, forcing you to do postures your body is not ready for, or insisting that you stay in poses as long as experienced students. The practice of yoga is based on principles, and the very first principle is “ahimsa” - non-harming. Even in active classes, you want to walk out feeling awakened,  empowered, stretched, and calm.  Your body should be thanking you for your practice, not hating you for it. The old “no pain, no gain” attitude is not yoga. Yoga is a loving discipline.  

We believe that anyone can practice yoga, regardless of body type, physical challenges, or experience level. Our teaching staff has over 150 years of yoga experience. We customize classes for you. Come meet our teachers and students whose lives and health have been enhanced by a safe, steady, consistent yoga practice. We welcome you!

Lanita Varshell - owner and founder of A Gentle Way


• Adaptive & Beginner’s Yoga

• Classical & Active Hatha Yoga

• Plus Size Yoga

• Yoga for injuries & illness

• Gentle & Restorative Yoga

• Specialized Workshops

• Private Sessions

• Chair Yoga

Exceptional Teacher Training

Small Groups

Apprentice with Senior Staff

Personal Attention


Specialty training with Lanita Varshell
7-day & 3/12 day intensives


Our 200-hr. (Basics) and 300-hr. (Advanced) Yoga Teacher Training programs are registered with Yoga Alliance, the leading education and support organization in the United States.

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