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We have morning classes on Friday July 4th!

Happy July everyone!
We are having a wonderful summer at A Gentle Way. 

Each week new students begin at our small little Center and come up to me after classes saying things like:

“I am so grateful to have a place where I know I will not be judged.”
“That teacher was able to take me deeper into relaxation that I ever realized was possible! 

I did not even realize how exhausted I truly was until I took Rachel’s Restorative Class!”


Men who are body builders are attending our classes; realizing how slow, steady stretching and breathing was the missing element in their former exercise practice.


Plus Size women are bravely adding a Semi-Active Class to their Gentle Classes, realizing their bodies are able to do much more than they thought they could, walking out excited, happy, and inspired.


The “workaholic” who can barely move because they sit at a desk all day is realizing how important private sessions, Gentle Yoga, and Modified Hatha Mix classes are for their bodies so that they can reverse the damage that sitting has done.


Our Center truly is for the “fit keeping fit,”
A refuge for those who have neglected or injured their bodies to find health again.
Our Yoga Center is not just a place to exercise, it is a place where we become one with our breath moving through our bodies. 

It is where we connect to “prana” life force energy, and watch that connection to prana enhance every part of our lives.


We will soon be celebrating 14 years as a Studio, and 18 years teaching in San Diego and East County!  I am so grateful for all of you who support our work, and tell me your yoga “stories” each day.

I appreciate you!

Lanita Varshell
Founder and Owner
A Gentle Way Yoga & Joyful Movement Center
July 2, 2014


• Adaptive & Beginner’s Yoga

• Classical & Active Hatha Yoga

• Plus Size Yoga

• Yoga for injuries & illness

• Gentle & Restorative Yoga

• Specialized Workshops

• Private Sessions

• Chair Yoga

Exceptional Teacher Training

Small Groups

Apprentice with Senior Staff

Personal Attention


Specialty training with Lanita Varshell
7-day & 3/12 day intensives


Our 200-hr. (Basics) and 300-hr. (Advanced) Yoga Teacher Training programs are registered with Yoga Alliance, the leading education and support organization in the United States.

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